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Cultivating Connection: Velvet Buffalo and Beggs Fat Bottom Farm Partnership in Beloit, WI

While dining at a restaurant do you ever wonder where your food comes from? At Velvet Buffalo Modern Italian, we pride ourselves on serving guests handmade dishes using the freshest ingredients. And those ingredients don’t come from far away. In fact, our meats and vegetables come from local farmers right here in Rock County, Wisconsin.

We source our beef from Beggs Fat Bottom Farms located in Janesville. Fat Bottom Farms is a third-generation farm that has a rich pastoral background and follows the core values of nurturing its animals and their land while being good stewards of the environment.

Sourcing our beef from Beggs allows us to serve the highest quality meat to our guests and allows us to support local farmers and build relationships within our community.

We caught up with Dennis Beggs, owner of Beggs Fat Bottom Farm, to get his thoughts on supplying local, grass-fed beef to Velvet Buffalo.

How did you become interested in farming?

I’m third generation farmer as both grandparents came "across the pond" from Ireland.

What products do you provide for Velvet Buffalo?

Angus farm fresh beef, veggies from the garden, Flying Pig cookies for the staff and a smile!

Why did you want to partner with Velvet Buffalo?

I like their commitment to the farm-to-table concept and local entrepreneurism.

How long have you been providing your product to the restaurant?

Three years.

What are the benefits of locally sourced produce and meats?

You know where your product came from and that it's free of GMO products. Supporting locals builds strong relationships and keeps downtown a cornerstone of the community.

What sets you apart from other vendors?

The quality of my product, 24/7 service, and pricing. When you buy my beef, you also get it professionally prepared and packaged. I have a relationship with each local business and promote what they are doing because I feel like I am an extension of them.

The next time you come in, try one of our delicious beef dishes. You’ll taste the difference knowing the meat was raised properly and just down the road from downtown Beloit.


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